Five New Year’s Business Resolutions For 2018

New Year’s resolutions can be cliche, but the new year presents a unique opportunity for you as a business owner. You’ve likely heard of the SMART acronym when it comes to goals, which says an attainable objective is five things: specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused and time-bound. Keeping this in mind, here are five business resolutions to set for 2018.

Increase Revenue

You can’t have a successful business without being profitable. How will you increase profitability this year? Whether you’ll reduce your expenses or work on your marketing strategy to bring in new customers, it’s important that you prioritize revenue increases.

Introduce New Services

It’s time to brainstorm: What services can you offer your customers that you haven’t yet rolled out? It doesn’t have to be anything revolutionary –– perhaps you’ll add a customer service hotline or add a new product to your lineup. Regardless, innovative services will keep your customer base engaged.

Create Repeat Customers

One of the keys to business success is creating loyal clients and customers. How will you keep people coming back? Whether it’s through offering incentives to repeat buyers or focusing on increasing customer satisfaction, you can come up with strategies that’ll help you in the end.

Develop Your Team

As revenue increases, you’ll likely have the ability to add team members to your company, but how will you develop the team members you already have? Consider investing in growth and leadership development courses so your staff feels prioritized and valued.

Creating A Brand Awareness Strategy

You want your target audience to recognize your name, even if they’ve never done business with you before. Devise a strategy to raise brand awareness, whether it’s through advertising, attending industry events, or anything else.

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