Services / Valuations - Beyond the Due Diligence

At F&S we are aware of the importance of reliable and accurate information for decision making, especially when investing.

For this reason, we provide the services of Business Valuation which covers not only the process of due diligence but also a complete analysis of the current situation of the business and its positioning in the market area.

As opposed to a mere Due Diligence, a Valuation incorporates variables such as potential of growth, future projects, quantitative and nonquantitative factors, human capital, internal process in place and dependency of the business on its owners, to name a few to establish risk.

As a result, a proper valuation and its resulting report is the most complete and accurate representation of value ideal for decision making.

As members of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts, we are committed on implementing the most recent techniques and methodologies for accurate value calculations, as well as accepted report formats and layouts.

Our Valuations are commonly used for Acquisition of running businesses, properly identifying the selling price/value when considering disposition of a running business, properly valuing a business for new investment, financing allocation and raising capital, partner search, ESOP – Employee Stock Ownership Plans and, fiscal planning for exit strategies, among others.

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